we danced with wind-tangled hair, lime green, pollen dusted hope – oranges in the morning, grapefruit at midnight. i’m not afraid to say good bye. the ocean is my salt. it makes life palatable. i will not be drowned but someday, i will die. i know . . . it’s okay. time to go home… Read more “goodbye”

2021 ~ The Un-nameable Year

I don’t know what to say about 2021. A year full of change, a year spent in the woods, the year the nest started to empty, one daughter packed off to Lawrence, one daughter packed off to college, one daughter married, beehives, friendships (old and new), countless trips between here and Durham, Eastern Seaboard Road… Read more “2021 ~ The Un-nameable Year”

wing shadows

paper snowflakes, little lost things in plush don’t find a bared foot i painted over red and black no more competition goodbye to things that don’t belong to me. split open sky pink gold, hold your breath ghosts of mist pull themselves from the heron lake. white blonde hair with eyes full of sleep, sitting… Read more “wing shadows”


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About Me

I believe that your life is your art and Cicada Moon Workshop is my testament to the life I am making on this Earth.

My family and I have a small wooded property in Georgia, we live on small lake and tend to some wild gardens and are growing a teeny-tiny farm.

Come with me to Turtle Cove Farm and the gardens of Cicada Moon. Meet our bees, our wild woods, our dreamed and made-real life.

Your life is your art.

Make it good!

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