there she is  the one you love  above all others young and wild and free don’t be afraid breathe in breath out. I was in the car wash with windows down when she crossed to the other  side gone across the line this is not what I meant but this is  what she wanted I…

You came into the world, and I was forever changed

The lord is my God. God is my oath. Rhythmic, flowing. And so she was magic, she held the angels in her eyes. The Universe courses through her veins, SHE was the universal beat to which we all danced. Spotify: Elliot Isabella is 21 iTunes: Elliot Isabella is 21 Peace Be With You ~ Shaina…

mason jar secrets

when we were little, climbing what looked like a wooden ladder to us, we pulled down a shelf full of mason jars. kaleidoscope splashes on the black and white tile. so many shards of glass, a couple of tiny, bare feet. you know how the story ends. when he was a boy, he worked his…

This Quiet Life

One, two, three 1, 2, 3 I remove mine, You remove yours. (please) It has been so long In the alone dark.  Let the salt and sand Wash it all away.  Moon kissed air, open spaces. Breathe in, Breathe out. I will try to not break you. I hope you do not break me. Morning…


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About Me

I believe that your life is your art and Cicada Moon Workshop is my testament to the life I am making on this Earth.

My family and I have a small wooded property in Georgia, we live on small lake and tend to some wild gardens and are growing a teeny-tiny farm.

Come with me to Turtle Cove Farm and the gardens of Cicada Moon. Meet our bees, our wild woods, our dreamed and made-real life.

Your life is your art.

Make it good!

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