You came into the world, and I was forever changed

The lord is my God.

God is my oath.

Rhythmic, flowing.

And so she was magic, she held the angels in her eyes. The Universe courses through her veins, SHE was the universal beat to which we all danced.

Spotify: Elliot Isabella is 21

iTunes: Elliot Isabella is 21

Peace Be With You ~ Shaina Noll

Shaina’s album “Songs for the Inner Child” was the background for your entire infancy. Every night, we listened to her sing (I sang along) as you were rocked to sleep.

Lumina ~ Joan Osborne

May you always feel into your inner-generational spiral, may you always keep your light burning bright and may you continue to grow in your ability to bring out the light in others.

Born to Hum ~ Erin McKeown

Every moment is truly a gift. Remember to laugh, love, hug, sing, dance, hum . . . and don’t put up with anyone being in your inner circle that diminishes your capacity for joy.

Shake It Out ~ Florence and the Machine

You are not defined by what happens to you ~ good things will happen and bad, fantastic and horrible. You ARE defined by what you decide to do with what happens to you! Don’t put up with bull shit, walk away from the trauma-mongers and shake that crap off!!

Stay Young, Go Dancing ~ Death Cab for Cutie

Make time to dance ~ free your soul ~ let your body express its creativity through movement!! Enjoy and embrace your health and vitality.

Free My Mind ~ Katie Herzig

Katie has so much good wisdom to share with us ~ remember “How do you a secret? Don’t repeat it.” You become who you want by being who you want to be ~ it’s just that simple, it’s just that hard!

Free your mind, no chains allowed.

Seeing Stars ~ Meg Hutchinson

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating now πŸ™‚ You can see scars or you can see stars ~ it’s your life, you get to choose.

She ~ Alice Phoebe Lou

You are she . . . make the world a better place to be.

Stubborn Love ~ The Lumineers

Life hasn’t always been easy for you, and there will be rough patches ahead. I’m always here for you, I am your ally and your most fierce protector. I love you, no matter what lies ahead!

Safe Travels ~ Lisa Hannigan

You and I can both get tripped up by anxiety. Don’t let the fear get the best of you or keep you from doing amazing, life-affirming things. And truly, may you always have safe travels dear one.

Rocks and Water ~ Deb Talan

I will be rocks
I will be water
I will leave this to my daughter
Lift your head up in the wind
When you feel yourself grow colder
Wrap the night around your shoulders
And I will be with you even then, even when
I cannot see your face anymore

I will always be with you, I promise you that, even if you can’t see my face anymore.

Pumpin Blood ~ NONONO

As long as your heart is beating, there is reason for joy. Lean into the rhythm, enjoy your life.

Unstoppable ~ Sia

When you need a little coach inside your head to pump you up πŸ™‚

Afterglow ~ Phaeleh w/ Soundmouse

Always make time for your quiet reflection, embrace nature (she will be your true and honest friend). Spend time in the silence every day and feel the movement of energy in and around you.

One Wish ~ NONONO

Remember what your dad always taught you ~ if you don’t tell anyone what you wish for, then they can’t help the wish come true. Never stop making wishes, share what you want with those in your inner circle. Trust those that magnify your best self and always monitor yourself to make sure you bring out the best in those you love.

When We Were Young ~ Lucy Schwartz

Truly, I can’t believe you’re mine. I’m the luckiest mom in the world!

Pretty Good Year ~ Tori Amos

Tori always gets the last word πŸ™‚

No matter what happens, make this your theme song, and you will make a pretty magical life.

I love you, I’ve loved you since before you were born and I love you more every day. I’m so proud of the woman you are becoming and I’m honored to be with you on this life journey.

Happy, happy Birthday!

and nothing shined brighter than she ~ not the sunflowers, nor the sun.

in her smile, in her creative fire, i was melted down and made new.

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