This Quiet Life

One, two, three

1, 2, 3

I remove mine,

You remove yours.


It has been so long

In the alone dark. 

Let the salt and sand

Wash it all away. 

Moon kissed air, open spaces.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

I will try to not break you.

I hope you do not break me.

Morning drive, green spaces

Live oaks stretch giant limbs,

Centuries in the making.

Tears, sweet – 

mix with sweat.

The mist twists up, dodging 

The call of the sun.

Oh, heron pond, you devour my heart.

As the bees congregate at the lemon tree.

My sweet ladies, gather round – 

They love the old stories.

Carved boats floating

On ancient waters.

How can I say what

You have done to me?

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