wing shadows

paper snowflakes, little lost things in plush

don’t find a bared foot

i painted over red and black

no more competition

goodbye to things that don’t belong to me.

split open sky

pink gold, hold your breath

ghosts of mist pull themselves

from the heron lake.

white blonde hair with eyes full of sleep,

sitting on the orange corduroy chair,

waiting for the sunrise.

gum tangles dance.

i will not cry, this time.

we are quiet in the shade, my heart will break.

storm riders

sweet green grass

daddy racing the lightning,

red mower flying in front of him.

all gone so fast –


the curving highway hugs

us, sunlight blinding

slicing through tentative clouds.


a wall of birds,

brake, slow . . . slow

slow motion

around us, a thousand wings (more?)
a thousand songs, catch

your breath, i am quiet


under my breath.

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