Butterflies and Bees ~ Summer 2019


even after the harshest winter, spring always comes.

this one heavy with rain, terrifying winds to rip out complacency.

water to wash everything away.

the birds and butterflies already fill the garden, all the flowers and bushes blooming.

the trees unwinding their green, birds tucking in their nests.

change is coming (the only way to grow, to be alive, is to change).  Ella will be a senior during the 2019-2020 school year.  we hold hands as we step into the future.  we are starting to plot the course.

Trey and I are heading for some waterfall hikes and a dip in the ocean.  Life is beautiful (terrible and precious).

I am happy to be right where I am, today is a gift, let’s listen to some medicine (I mean music), take the top off the Jeep and go for a ride.

I am obsessed with Andrea Kowch, several of her images are fueling my life.

Summer 2019 Playlist:


Click here for the YouTube Playlist “Butteries and Bees”


1. Bridges ~ Broods


2.  1000 Oceans ~ Tori Amos


3.  Fever Dream ~ Young Summer


4.  Youth ~ Daughter



5. Running with the Wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) ~ Aurora



6.  Concrete Skin ~ Hooverphonic



7.  Medicine ~ Daughter



8.  Waves That Rolled You Under ~ Young Summer

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset


9.  The River ~ Aurora



10.  Art of Revolution ~ Bass Nectar



11.  Never Tear Us Apart ~ Paloma Faith



Here’s to the summer of 2019 ~ to all the adventures we will capture, to all the change we will embrace.  Whatever will be, will be and we are together through it all.




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