scratches, bruises and dusty lungs

Layers of history ~ kitchen wall after demo lathe, plaster, green (lead) paint and wallpaper layers

Written in July of 2016

We have had our Gambrel Cottage for over 4 weeks, and in 2 weeks we close on our current home.  Leaving our nice, new home behind; in the hands of the next family to enjoy it.

When we decided to buy our fixer upper, I had imagined not selling our current home for 6 months or a year.  Maybe AirBNB-ing our new “old” house once we had it fixed up.  But out of the blue we had 3 offers for our current house and a bidding war ensued.  So now, we venture forward, into the Gambrel Cottage where we won’t have a kitchen until mid-August 🙂

We had thought we were prepared, hired workers, tried to get things going, but it is apparent that we will be moving into a partially (mostly not) ready home.

The foundation continues to perplex, after consulting with a structural engineer and an aquatic engineer our foundation man is moving forward.  And we believe we will be able to keep the beehive portion of our cistern.  It will really be rain barrels X 10 🙂 so that is pretty exciting.

But until the foundation is finished, and the floors in the house brought level we can’t paint, finish dry wall, tile, install cabinets, etc.

Both Trey and I are covered in scratches and bruises, abrasions and contusions from trash hauling, demolishing, re-building, packing, moving and tackling the wild yard;

but at the end of every day we hug each other and we laugh together, so life is good even though it is crazy.

It is the happy kind of crazy.

And even though the Gambrel Cottage is so far from where we planned it to be, I am already starting to think about it as home.

As I write this post, the floors are being refinished (so we can move our stuff in next week (YIKES)), the north and south foundation walls are being excavated, the upstairs bathrooms are being worked on and our pantry is being built.

The kitchen cabinet design is finalized (finally) and cabinets are being ordered next week.

So much is going to happen in the next week and I can’t wait to share the progress.

Sneak peaks at the work in progress ~

Kitchen door to mud room (on the right)
Foyer and front stair case
Hearth room soon to be our “Reading  Room”
Back staircase in process of being re-finished

On the list for next week:  wall push on foundation, re-do basement floor and level floors, continue painting the outside of the house, paint the outside of the clawfoot tub, continue packing and move over fragile items and art, continue work on bathrooms, finish electric work, refinish floors on the first floor (and more or less or something we didn’t expect).

Be well and enjoy your July, the summer is at its apex!

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